Get Your Husband to Be More Romantic

Learning how to get your husband to be more romantic can change the entire landscape or your marriage. It’s difficult when the dynamic between you and your man changes and he’s not as attentive or loving as he once was. You long for the days when he’d surprise you with a bouquet of fresh flowers or send you a flirty text message. If the word romance doesn’t seem to be part of his vocabulary anymore, there’s help. You can actually subtly influence your spouse so he yearns to do things that sweep you off your feet again.

What can you do to make your man crazy about you? Is it possible to make your man love you forever and ever?

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When a couple has been married for some time the husband tends to start taking his cues from his wife. She’ll often be the one who sets the tone for the relationship. He defers to her when it comes to taking care of the children and he’ll often expect her to carry the most of the burden of household chores and bill paying. This alone can cause a woman to pull back from her husband. When this happens she’d love it if he did something to make her life easier or if he surprised her with a romantic getaway. Instead, he sees her as being strong and capable and he leaves her be. Resentment sets in and nothing changes. This can go on for years and years.

If you want to get your husband to be more romantic, show him how it’s done. If you two have become emotionally or physically disconnected because your lives have gotten so busy, make time for him again. Show him how great it feels when the person you adore caters to your needs. Cook his favorite dinner, slip a fun and flirty note in his lunch box or call him at work to tell him you love him. Any small gesture you make will send a message to him that you love him. By initiating the renewed romance, you’ll be setting the bar high. He’ll want and need to return the favor.

Pressuring a man into being romantic never really works. He fears that he won’t be able to fulfill what you envision the grand romantic gesture to be so he doesn’t try at all. This just leads to more disappointment and you two will drift even further apart.

Instead of asking him to be romantic, demonstrate what you want. Be the most romantic wife you can be and before long, he’ll follow suit trying to up you by being even more loving than you.

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How can you know for sure? What can you look at in order to get to the truth of the matter? The fact is that there can be definite proof one way or the other if you just know what to look for. So, if you really want to know, ask yourself these questions and find out – does he love you?

Look at what he says.

Not just at what he says about whether he loves you or not, but what kind of things does he say when you are talking? Does he insult you? Does he say insulting things about women in general? Does he interrupt you or change the subject to things that he likes to talk about? If he generally treats you in an uncaring manner, he did not really fall in love with you.

Look at what he does.

Male psychology says that if a man really loves you, he will treat you with respect. If it is true that you really did make a guy fall in love with you and make him commit to you forever, he will treat you kindly. So, does he love you? Look at the way he treats you.

Look at what others say about your relationship.

Do they say that your attraction to him is sexual or that he is after your money? Good dating advice says to listen to them and give it serious thought.

If the answers to these questions show that he does not love you, we are sorry. But do not give up. It is not impossible to attract men; or to attract that one special man who turns out to be your soul mate. Keep trying. You will find that special someone about whom you will be able to answer – does he love you? YES.

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Have you said to yourself, -I need to know how to tell that he really loves me. Have you found Mr. Right, your soul mate, and now you need to know? We have some great dating advice for you. We have some questions that you can ask yourself and find out the wonderful truth about your quest – how to tell that he really loves me.

Did you really make a guy fall in love and did you really make him commit to you full time? Watch for these clues:

· Had he said that he loves you? The first step to finding out how to tell that he really loves me is to ask if he has said so. If he has not said so, but he really does, why has he not done so? Looking at it that way, we can see that if he has not said that he loves you, he probably does not.

· Male psychology says that if you want to know if he really did fall in love, watch how he treats you. It can be easy to attract men who give you attention, but sometimes the big attraction is sex or money. But you can determine his real intentions if you watch his actions closely. Do not blind yourself to the truth; that will only hurt you if the truth is that he is using you.

· If you are really asking how to tell that he really loves me, watch how he talks to you. Is he insulting? Does he ignore you or change the subject when you are talking to him? Does he only like to talk about things that interest himself? Watching how he talks to you can be real informative.

· What do your friends say about your relationship with him? Do they think that he really loves you, or do they say that he is using you? Please listen to them; they have a more rational, subjective viewpoint than you do.

So, check out these behaviors. Watch him carefully. We hope that you found out that the answer to whether he loves you or not is yes. You now know – how to tell that he really loves me.

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This is how it is: Do not think that money or sex or any other superficial thing will do the trick. If you offer those things, you will attract men, true, but it will be men who only want to use you. Money or sex is a big attraction for men like that, but if you want to attract someone for the purpose of love, commitment and marriage, there is a better way. Here it is:

Your personality will be the biggest draw if you want to make a guy fall in love with you and you want to make him commit to you for the rest of his life.

A nice smile is a great asset if you want to make him fall in love. Can you imagine anyone falling in love with someone who frowns a lot or who has no expression at all? Male psychology says that men love to see a nice, welcoming smile. So smile at him often.

· Learn to laugh. Learn how to make him laugh. Learn how to tell a joke and have one ready often. Did I just hear you say that you do not know how to tell a joke? There was a time when you did not know how to read, but you learned, right? Telling a joke is just like that. And it is so important to be able to make people laugh when you are looking for your soul mate.

· You will want your personality to have depth and substance. If you just sit around with nothing to say, you will be boring. Boring women do not get the guys. So a few things you can do to be more interesting is to read a lot. Read the papers; read the news headlines. An informed person is an attractive person.

· Being informed and developing your skills will also boost your self esteem and your self confidence. It is important to have self respect and doing these things will help you in that area too.

· You will be more interesting if you go to different places, do different things, meet different people and develop different skills. These things will give you plenty of interesting things to say when you are in the company of Mr. Right.

· It will be difficult to make someone fall in love with you if you do not pay any attention to your looks. Everyone wants their significant other to look good. So make sure that your hair, clothes and make up will make you as attractive as possible. And make sure that you pay attention to them every day. You do not ever want to accidentally bump into Mr. Right when you are dressed like a slob or have no make up on.

Try these things and you will see how well they work. They will do wonders when it comes to taking your relationship to the next level. These things will help in your quest to make him fall in love with you – sure fire.

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